Ross River Fever? All part of the adventure!

Today was a hot and sunny day in Yangshou, as I rode home from training I looked up into the sky and saw dozens of dragonflies darting around enjoying the warm afternoon air…… Continue reading

Time to go home?

I am a lover of traveling, new places, people and experiences, these things make up a major aspect of my being. Until recently I could have never imagined uttering the words “I’m over… Continue reading

The joy of oranges

Sometimes you have a crappy couple of days, thankfully then, there is Madrid. What a city! So alive and brimming with activity, and much to my delight the sun beamed from a bright… Continue reading

All roads lead to Santiago

As I traveled to Leon it rained, and rained, and rained. The next morning the sun shone radiantly through the stain glass windows of the grand La Catedral and the prospect of walking… Continue reading

Food days in Belgium

Food always features heavily on the itinerary of my globetrotting adventures and my visit to Belgium would prove no different, how could it with so many provincial pleasures on offer. Mussels, Frites, Waffles,… Continue reading

Wherefore art thou Romeo?

After only a couple hours I had found the perfect sunset location, I’d sorted out my food for the next days’ hike, grabbed a Birra Moretti and hit the stairs. Reminiscent of a… Continue reading

Mr Phil and his dead Apple

Upon arrival into Prague International Airport I could have been forgiven for somehow believing that Wizjet had actually teleported me straight to the US or some other Western country during my short 1.5… Continue reading

Austria in Greece!

I didn’t expect the White Mountains to be white but as I exited the bus at the entrance to the Samaria Gorge the ashen peak of Kinkilos dominated the landscape. In an endeavour… Continue reading

Back to nature

I woke from an intermittent sleep; it was 6:30am so I expected we must be close, as I climbed the stairs to the deck the pre-dawn sky appeared luminous, a balmy breeze washed… Continue reading